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    Migraine / Vomiting / Nausea

    The herbal teas & pills (medicine) worked very quickly, with no side effects



    What kind of treatment did you receive?

    Acupuncture , Herb medicine


    What physical effects or results did you experience from your treatment?

    My mom received treatment for her migraines : Herbal medicine & herbal pills.

    She was having frequent migraines & vomiting/ nausea for approx 2 months. She also received herbal medicine for problems with phlegm. Taking Tylenol & Excedrin did not help at all (instead of helping they gave her stomach aches) Approximately 2-3 days after taking herbal medicine, her headaches went away.

    Since she’s been taking the medicine she has not had any migraine episodes.The amount of phlegm she used to have has decreased substantially. She used to wake up several times during the night. Now she sleeps all through the night.

    The herbal teas & pills (medicine) worked very quickly, with no side effects. She is very grateful to Dr. Kang Son and Medihand Acupuncture Clinic.

    We highly recommend this treatment for migraine pain.


    Mariana Chavez

    Date 10/ 19/ 2013






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