• 23 DEC 14
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    Back Pain

     My first acupuncture session was a miracle



    What kind of treatment did you receive?



    What physical effects or results did you experience from your treatment?

    I am so bless that I have met Kang and his beautiful wife. The first time I went was because I was in a car accident. Insurance send me to the chiropractor, which I did get any better.

    My first acupuncture session was a miracle. I knew that Kang was the only person that would help me with my pain.

    Within two weeks I was pain free. Know I am back with Kang because I fell and I have lots of pain in my lower back. I know that Kang will be the only one that could help me with my pain.

    Thank you Kang and your miracle hands for giving me back the qualify of life.


    Rosa Zertuche

    Date: 07/20/14







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