• 23 DEC 14
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    Colon Cancer Pain (Stage1)

    During the acupuncture treatment no more stomach ache and constipation


    What kind of treatment did you receive?

    Acupuncture and natural herbs.


    What physical effects or results did you experience from your treatment?

    Two months ago, July,2014. i was diagnosed with colon cancer. Fortunately, oncologist told me I had small cancer just stage 1. Also told me I had a good chance for remove cancerĀ  cell with surgery. So I made an appointment on next month.

    But I cannot waiting until next month cause my pain. My pain are horrific, due to damage my colon system. All day and night I was suffer pain with stomach ache, constipation. Also lost weight 50 lbs ( cannot eat anything)

    At that time my best friend recommend me Dr. Kang and convinced me to try acupuncture. I tried acupuncture and natural herbs for month. I started to see the big difference after first treatment.

    During the acupuncture treatment no more stomach ache and constipation. Now I am cancer pain free. I highly recommend to cancer pain patient such as me


    Additional comments:

    Thank you DOC!! Words cannot even express my happiness and appreciations

    Karlos C.



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