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    Liver Problems (Cirrhosis)

    There are no side effects and my dad’s liver is healing


    What kind of treatment did you receive?

    Acupuncture & Herbal Medication for Liver


    What physical effects or results did you experience from your treatment?

    A few months ago my father(Marco) was diagnosed with (Cirrhosis) of the Liver. He ended up in the hospital several tired to ammonia toxicity. His liver was not functioning well 8 as a result the ammonia from his body was not being removed.

    He was given very strong pharmaceutical meds at the hospital that didn’t make him feel good & too had many side effects. Fortunately, when I shared this problem with Dr. Son he was able to help.

    He prepared herbal meds (Tea & pills) and my dad started taking them. There are no side effects and my dad’s liver is healing. He has not had ammonia toxicity ever since he started taking the herbal tea & pills.


    Additional comments:

    My dad has been an liver treatment. Since Jan 2014 and 50 for his ammonia leves have come in at normal levels. He is feeling better and was not been hospital.

    The best part is that the meds herbal are not only removing excess ammonia, but they are also healing his liver.

    My dad is very pleased with the results & grateful Dr. Son was able to provide treatment for his liver. He is feeling much better!


    Thank you Dr. Son!

    Alba Chavez (daughter)


    P.S. I highly commend this treatment for

    are that is suffering from Liver problems/ailments.


    Alba Chavez

    Date: 04/01/2014







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