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    Sinus Infection, Headache, Sore Throat

    Only 3 Sessions my pain went away


    Severe nasal congestion for 6 weeks (Nasal Headache)



    What kind of treatment did you receive?



    What physical effects or results did you experience from your treatment?

    With only 3 treatment sessions, my congestion went away. I am now able to breathe easily and my nasal congestion is gone.  I tried over the counter medications and nothing was working. After 2 treatments, the headache went away. After the 3rd  treatment , the congestion went away as well. There are no side effects…This treatment was wonderful!! Thanks Dr. Son and staff…I am very grateful.


    Additional comments:

    A couple of years ago I had a persistent throat ache and also with only 3 treatments it went away. Has not come back since! –Thanks-


    Alba Chavez

    Artesia, CA

    Date: 02/26/2011







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