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    Kidney Disease

     Now my dad is breathing well and feeling good


    What kind of treatment did you receive?

    Acupuncture and Herb medicine (Tea)


    What physical effects or results did you experience from your treatment?

    My dad ended up in the hospital due to fluid nominal in lungs (as a result of kidney disease). They wanted to perform a very invasive procedure that would involve penetrating the wrgs to remove fluid & this could cause excessive bleeding. Due to Dad’s condition this was not a good option at all. MD said that if my dad did not agree to precede he could die. We were so worried. We asked Dr. Kang Son if that was anything he could do to logo. He was so concerned, He came to clinic on Sunday (his day off) to prepare the herbal medicine for this condition. My dad started taking herbal medicine right away. 2 weeks later, hospital tests and found lungs were clear!!

    No more fluid in the lungs.


    Additional comments:

    We are so grateful that Dr. Son was able to help! and that record so much to came on 2 Sunday. to prepare meds. Now my dad is breathing well & feeling good.

    Marco Chavez

    Date 01/ 04/ 2014







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